EasyStand 5000 Standing Frame
EasyStand 5000 Standing Frame-DISCONTINUED:Parts are available

The EasyStand 5000 Standing Frame was discontinued by the manufacturer, Altimate Medical, in March of 2009. The 5000 was redesigned and launched as the EasyStand Evolv with numerous improvements making all the benefits of standing that much smoother and easier. Some of the changes to the frame are as follows:

1.)    Better casters and wheels:   The Evolv has two 5” soft roll, swivel, locking back casters and two soft front wheels for easier transport. The EasyStand 5000 has four 4” swivel, hard casters.

2.)    More than just standing:   When you buy the Easystand Evolv, you are getting more than just a stander. Options like the Active Standing Glider, Hand Cycle Attachment, Self-propelled Mobile, and Shadow Tray can be added at any time.

3.)    Growth:   The EasyStand Evolv has an inexpensive growth kit for converting the Evolv Youth into the Evolv Adult. The EasyStand 500 does not have a growth kit.

4.)    Appropriate for severely involved:   Unlike the EasyStand 500, the Evolv offers options like Pow’r Up Lift and Shadow Tray for people with more limitations.

5.)    Options:   The EasyStand Evolv has over fifty options available to meet the needs of the people who want to stand. The EasyStand 5000 has less than 30 options available.

6.)    Lifting mechanism:   The Evolv has an open center frame that allows for a person’s wheelchair to get closer to the stander for independent transfers. It also has elevated rear legs for the use of a patient lift when needed. The EasyStand 5000 has a square frame that limits access with a lift.

7.)    Even more transfer options:   Available since 2009, the Evolv has a Swing Away Front that totally opens up the front access for assisted transfers. A wide Transfer Seat option is also available.

8.)    Minimal Shear:   The key objective in designing the Evolv was to minimize the risk of shear. The pivot points on the Evolv are positioned near the user’s actual body pivot points, reducing the possibility of shear, and the movement of support options during the transition to standing. The EasyStand 5000 has the correct pivot point in the seat, but not the back, causing the need for support options to be re-adjusted when going to a standing position.


The EasyStand Evolv has taken all the great features and benefits of the EasyStand 5000 and only made it better!

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For Replacement Parts for your EasyStand 5000, please have the serial number of your unit ready and call 1-800-385-6220

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Who uses the 5000?

  • Individuals from 5' to 6'5'' (152-195 cm) and up to 280 lbs. (114 kg.)
  • Individuals with hip, knee or ankle contractures
  • Individuals with Spinal Cord Injury, Multiple Sclerosis, Traumatic Brain Injury, Spina Bifida, Stroke & more

What is the 5000?

The EasyStand 5000 is a supportive sit-to-stand stander designed to meet the needs of a variety of people. Tool-free adjustments and a wide variety of support options make it ideal for multi-user facilities.

Where would you use this stander?

  • Rehabilitation Facilities and Hospitals
  • Schools and Educational Settings
  • sit to standExtended Care Units, Nursing Homes, & Group Homes
  • Home and Workplace
  • Veterans’ Hospitals

When would you use this product?

  • At home while reading or watching TV
  • In rehab, when adjustability is key
  • To get a good stretch
  • Immediately after injury for the greatest benefits

How does it work?

  • Transfer from the wheelchair to seat
  • Position the kneepad and other supports
  • Pump actuator handle to desired standing position

Why is the 5000 a better choice?

  • Natural sit-to-stand transition allows user to stop at any position.
  • User is fully supported from sitting to standing.
  • It works well with people who have limited range of motion.
  • Ease of use increases compliance with standing programs.
  • Tool free adjustments and support options make the 5000 ideal for busy rehabs.
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